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February 20, 2015 flight 805 from Philadelphia to Cancun-worst trip ever. Delayed for over 6 hours.

I only brought a limited amount of money for souvenirs in Mexico due to not wanting to take my debit/credit card out of the country and I had to spend some of that to eat during the long delay. They did finally give us food vouchers, but the airport personnel acted like it was such an inconvenience and it took a really long time as they were only giving out a few at a time and we had already eaten by that point. Then after being up since 1:30am, we finally took off at about 4 pm. Thought I could get some sleep on the plane, but no, there was a screaming baby!

The entire flight!!! I realize that is out of the airlines control, but it definitely did not make the already nightmarish trip any better. This was a company sponsored employee appreciation trip and there was a welcome party scheduled for us at the resort at 7pm, needless to say we missed that. As well as missing half a day of our short stay in Cancun.

Fast forward to Monday, February 23-flight 1838 from Cancun to Philadelphia- the nightmare continues. Our flight was delayed for about an hour. Finally boarded the plane and it's terribly hot. Someone then has a 'medical emergency' and we sit there, on this hot plane for over 2 hours, at which point we knew we would be missing our connecting flight to Pittsburgh.

The person was able to walk off the plane on her own, no idea why that took so long. After quite some time, the flight attendants did finally bring us water. The pilot actually said due to a delay earlier that day that the crew was close to being at their time limit. Why on earth we didn’t just wait and switch crews then is beyond me!

Then shortly after takeoff they brought the snack cart out for us to ‘purchase’ snacks. Seriously?! After all that they couldn’t even give us snacks free of charge? So of course, due to the crews time limit we ended up having to divert to Charlotte, NC , got off the plane and go through customs there.

Got back on the plane and finally landed in Philly around 12:30 Tuesday morning. Mind you, I am supposed to be at work at 8am on Tuesday. They did get us hotel rooms, but by the time we arrived at them, around 2 am, we were starving, but everything was closed. We could not even order a pizza.

I ended up spending $15 on a sandwich and small bag of chips from the hotel snack bar. In the morning, we got to the airport and had to wait again because the crew for our flight had not yet arrived at the airport.

I will never fly U.S. Airways nor use Philadelphia airport ever again.

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