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I was waiting for a US Airways plane to land so we could board. They claimed fog for delay.

It was an hour late. Then after it landed they claimed mechanical problems. Then later they canceled the flight claiming another mechanical problem. We were pretty much dumped in the airport to fend for ourselves.

It was terrible. We were told different stories regarding a different flight option. There were no options they say. I was offered a flight hours later.

Then after many calls I got one for the next morning. I was put up in a cheap hotel. The ticket agent took all my old tickits and info so I had no documents the next day to file complaints. They offered no comped flight.

Terrible. After 5 days waiting for a phone call about my problems and the problems it caused for the return flight they called. They gave a $ 75 voucher. Wow.

I checked their fares for future flights and they were more than double than whay I usually pay with other airlines. So there voucher means nothing. There online complaint form is worthless. You get timed out before you can enter the smallest of comments.

Terrible this company is. I have never took an US Airways flight. This was an attempt. I took an United flight instead.

So I have never taken an US Airways flight and never will. They are the worst. If you read this call me US Airways. Mark 401 527 7577.

I assume no one will call because you dont care.

I can not believe how you do business. Terrible Terrible Terrible.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #601835

As most others say they don't care. Tell you one thing do another.

Rude. Bad attitudes. Left their post when there was a line. Worst ive ever experienced.

My fjrst and last to fly us air. :(

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