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I came from a Huston flight and when I arrived at LAX I was trying to catch my connecting flight to San Diego. I encountered HENRY, assisting flight #6338 boarding on 02/21/13 at 4:30, and had very poor costumer service skills, he was rude and made no eye contact. The worst part was when his supervior George asked to talk to me, he was even more rude than Henry, and after I explained to him what had happened with Henry he told ME that I was the one being RUDE. After a 3 hour delay, and after losing my connecting flight to San Diego and losing my transportation to my final destination, all i got was poor costumer service, THEY were rude to ME, the costumer. This is just UNBELIEVABLE ... I've been a COSTUMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE for more that 10 years in the Hospitality Industry and I thought that " THE COSTUMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT" but George the Supervisor in LAX doesn't know that yet. It seemed like he was feeling good while making me feel like the LIAR and the TROUBLE MAKER. I was not taken care of properly.

I can understand that they don't have enough flights to accommodate everyone, but for me costumer service is more important. I can tell you that they don't have basic costumer service skills, and SUPERVISOR GEORGE was the worse. I cried because I was thinking that he was going to take care of me, but he made feel HELPLESS. He thought I was crying because I didn't want to wait for a flight, but i was really waiting for my delay but NO was for his behavior towards me. 

Sorry but I try to ask other agent for his superior, and she told me that he doesn't have any superior and he saw me, called he agent to know what I said, I heard because I went directly with him to ask his name and again RUDE when I asked his name, no last names I understand.

 Hopefully some budy could do something abou it. Ohh!! I never ask for anything about all the incovennience and I eeven thing about it.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #620330

US Airways flight 6338 is a United flight sold as a codeshare. You cannot get from Los Angeles to San Diego on US Airways. :x

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