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Every time we go flying and have to pay baggage handlers $25.00 for each luggage, when all is said and done our luggage looks like it got ran over by a truck. We can't afford to buy new luggage every time we fly.

it's just not right. we fly from Boston to Phoenix every year. We already lost 2 sets of luggage because it got so wrecked.

Now we have to consider buying those hard shell luggages and those are not cheap. If the baggage handlers want to get paid I recomend they treat the luggage with more respect, or take up a hobby in boxing where they can take out their frustrations on the punching bags not our luggage.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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There's a chance you are paying the company (Airline) for the extra luggage fees. The baggage handlers would be rich if they got 25.00 a bag and maybe then they would risk breaking their back for the nearly 70-80 pounds of stuff you put in it.

So much stuff that the luggage busts open even when handled lightly. But in all honesty try lifting your luggage over a thousand times in one day, I think that maybe somewhere in the middle you'll scratch or bust something from it. Baggage handlers although you may not believe it have no control on how the industry is run. And mistakes are made not necessarily on purpose even though you a a passenger are watching from the cabin.

You would not and could care less about how it functions all you see is bags being tossed around and you think your bags are being disrespected , when what is really happening is baggage handlers trying to work efficiently without breaking a bone or incurr an injury by allowing a bag to drop instead of catching your 100 pound bag. Mistakes are made even in our government...!

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Bag handlers aren't what is ruining your bags. Yes the you throw bags around a little bit, but the bags are very heavy and they have to work quick so that the plane can leave. The damage done to yours bags is done by workings of the airports.

If your bags are falling apart every-time that means they are probably really cheap. I travel many many times a year and often internationally and my bags last year after year. Get some good ones the expense is worth it. Some bags even come with a life time warranty that covers failures.

Yes sometimes wheels fall off and stuff, but just make friends with a suitcase repair guy. The shop where I go to the guy has them done really quick and usually only charges like $5 and does a lot of small stuff for free. Not sure how he makes money ,)

By the way for what those handlers do they don't get payed a lot... and atleast here in the States they don't steal stuff all the time. :)

hope you have a better flying experience next time.

PS:if your bags get messed up again you should definitely do a compare and contrast on the effects of travel and meatgrinder upon your luggage ,) ,)

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