We are on our way to Los angeles from Baltimore and had a connecting flight in Philadelphia. The flight from Baltimore was delayed and we just had 10 minutes to catch the connection at Philadelphia airport.

Another lady had similar connection problem and asked the steward if she can move some seats forward so that she can save some time while exiting and the steward not only allowed but also pulled her baggage for her. We had similar problem and the steward allowed us which was nice and understanding. When we moved forward, another female hostess came YELLING and SCREAMING at us, we told her that we asked before we moved, but she didn't want to listen and forced us back. My question is why only us ?

why the similar rule didn't apply to my fellow passenger ? She could have talked but she YELLED. It is disgusting and embarrassing.

Not only we missed the flight but we also had to pay for accommodation and face this disgusting incident. Never in my life I will ever fly US Airways.

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Why the different treatment you ask?It because you dint slip her a 50 like the other lady did.

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #790632

awwww poor baby

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