We were traveling with a group of 32 people on our way back to Erie PA from a week at Little Cayman. At the gate, the agents announced a weight restriction and that 6 people would need to volunteer to be bumped for a discount voucher.

Our flight, 4307, apparently had seats available but when there were no volunteers, the last 6 of us in the boarding sequence were told we couldn't board and would have to come back for a flight tomorrow, if there was room. They did not volunteer to put us up until we raised a fuss, then offered 3room vouchers and no food vouchers ("We don' do that no mmore"). They offered $200 discount coupons-as if we'd risk flying USAir again and when we complained they took those away! So we spent a night without our luggage/clothes etc., bought our own breakfasts and paid for an additional day's parking in Erie without so much as a "sorry" from USAirways.

To make matters worse, we discovered that the rest of our group asked the cabin crew to unload their baggage to get under the mysterious weight restriction so we could all finally get home Saturday night only to be told that was not possible. Was the goal of USAirways to aggravate 6people just for the heck of it? Seriously, we will never willingly fly with this USEless Airways again and that includes American after the merger.

We got home 13 hours late, no compensation and out $50 each for meals and parking because of it. USAirways deserves the nickname of USEless Airways!!!

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