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Traveled on USAIR and sat between two obese men.Plane was full so no other seats when I asked the stewards on the plane.

But I noted they gave a USAir employee flying on standby a decent seat over me. Post deboarding the plane I visited customer service and a supervisor told me that they can either move me if seats are available or put me on another flight. So it's okay for the two obese people to sit and take the flight, but I have to delay my flight or be squished between to individuals.

Then I told the USAir supervisor I should post something on the internet and he told me I was threatening him.This was the most insulting treatment I have ever received on an airline and a good reason I avoid flying with this low class airline at all cost!

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You are on your own with USAir!


They look pretty average, it must gave been that time if the month for you and you felt like you needed to complain... Get a life.

to Anonymous #962070

When you are in the middle seat Miss Manners says you get both armrests.I would have stretched out and claimed my space.And to you anonymous Time of the month?Are you fricken kidding me?Maybe next time you go on mommys computer you should ask permission first.UNBELIEVEABLE

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