12/13/10 My husband opened a letter with no return address.Inside was a letter from US Airlines Fly the US Skies stating that he had qualified for an award of 2 round trip airline tickets,up to $1400.oo anywhere in the continental U.S.

That they had tried to contact him several times without success, this was their last attempt. Call 1-866-995-9308. Of Course it was signed by none other than VP Barbara Dion. BT-55797 was at the bottom.

BEWARE!after researching online this is a scam.Please don't fall for this.

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to Bronko Elkhart, Indiana, United States #618948

I'm in Elkhart and got the same as you with same phone number. It looked WAY too suspicious so I Googled it and Ta-dah! One scam story after another.

San Diego, California, United States #615530

They are back!I just got mine today for $1,199.00.

Same writeup.Their new number is 1-877-379-7752 ---- Beware!

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #610863

I recieved one of these scam checks.The front of the check had: Port Orange, FL.

32128.Amount: $1,199.00 Check# EE-3960

Call Immediatley = 1-888-737-3489

The back in small writing had:

Augusta, Georgia, United States #607228

I got mine today the signature is really illegible and the number was 1-888-737-2395 and the check was $1199.00. i have received stuff like this before and immedeately checked online and found it to be a scam.


I received mine a week ago.I had never heard of US Airlines.

So I did a search for airlines in the United States.

I found United Airlines & US Airways, but no US Airlines.I did a search for the "Travel Union, Scottsdale, AZ" whose name was on the check, and it was nothing but complaints.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #605969

I received the Fly The US Skies check and I immediately went on line to check out what was behind it.I found the scam like right away.

Thanks for the internet.

I hope no one who got one of these checks gets hurt by this.I pray it is all resolved soon and that people check things out before taking the next step.

I always assume that if I got something I didn't request, or won a contest I didn't enter, I need to check it out before taking another step.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #605754

Recieved one here in Nashville. They should be investigated. I will contact BBB.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #604434

Guess what?This scam is coming around again.

No names on mine. My daughter and I both got one. She lives an hour away. The bank account info is the same 014221 431223318876 223112446677.

Voucher is EE-4709 this time around.

$1,199.I wondoer what swamp they want you to invest in this time.

to Wagz Maumee, Ohio, United States #608001

Got mine today.The amount and numbers on the check were exactly the same as above except my Voucher is EE-4703.

Sure hope no one falls for all these scams.

Would love to know what I did that I was so lucky to be included on their mailing list.


I received one of those letters dated 1 Feb 13.The same thing Final Notice.

US Airlines(?) First time seen one. Amount $1.199 to redeemed for airfare or alternate travel certificate. Above my name on the check said: Travel Check Port Orange, FL . must reedem by 15 Feb 13.

Really this people are nuts..All this scamssss. nothing in life is free..

they problably want your information.I dont even bother to call the 1-888 number., Becareful they are many Scamers outthere

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