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same here, i got that shady looking letter with handwritten envelope and a typed letter that looks like it was made by some scam artist on their home computer... didnt even bother, threw it away.

(same thing as the redondo beach complaint listed below) - had the 1 8 6 6 7 4 0 8 3 9 9 number. the logo was in black and white, looked like it was copy and pasted from some official website.

signed by laura shane vice president dated janurary 10th with. Also it mentioned that they tried to call me repeatedly, and the caller id on my phone never registed a "US Airlines" as the caller.

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This is our third lettter, he 1st 2 were rip-tear type cards. Now a hand addressed blank envelope.

Each one gave a date stating "Must Respond". This last letter says she,(Lorretta Cape),will issue to an alternate. How can we stop her? Does US Airlines know?

She has been using that letterhead, but again, the enevelope was blank & handwritten w/ no return address. I think I might call and play some game on them!

Thanks for the site. At least now we know it's a scam.


Received a postal letter from US airlines. I won 2 tickets $1400 value.

call 866-331-6516 Loretta Cape VP


same letters, signed by kate White, No mailind address. A piece of trash.

Post marked by phoendx AZ. Trash!


I also got one today in NE dates Jan 24th 2011. Phone number listed is 1-866-916-9291, and also signed by Alexia Pitt.


Received one today in SC dated January 17th, 2011. Phone number listed is 1-866-918-3298, and signed by Alexia Pitt.

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