I received one of these "Award Notifications" from "US Airlines" the other day in the amount of $1350.00 for 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the US.Mine came as a 3 sided tear off envelope, the kind you receive checks in.

It had BLUE blotted background and looks very real. This appears to be a check, with even an endorsement area on the back. It has everything on it that would convince anyone it is a legitimate check, numbers on the bottom(routing number, account, and check number), has "Travel Union" with an address (Scottsdale, AZ 85251) as the bank with a number below it, and dated, with amount and written amount, and then a phone number 1-800-476-8606, and signed by Charlette Koehn.

This is a very convincing scam, and I almost called, but was still suspicious because it says in the letter "FINAL NOTICE", and "We have attempted to contact you on several occasions.

This will be your last chance to respond.", which are absolute LIES. This is NOT even an airline AT ALL! US AIRWAYS should SUE this company for using leaching their name.

It's time these scammers get thrown in jail. If I won something without entering any contest, the alone should be criminal by misleading people.

I scanned the whole thing for people to see what the scam looks like, but don't have a way to post it here?It would be nice to show people what these scams look like, so they don't fall for it.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1350.


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Ashburn, Virginia, United States #939395

This is as old as 'Moses'. It's not a scam it's a marketing practice. Do your research.

to 4LeafClover #958391

Whether people here like it or not...it's a scam and constitutes fraud.

Most marketing schemes are fraud, but in today's day and age not a single person really gives a *** nor fights against fraud because it's too *** time consuming and rampant. The state will likely go after fraudsters that either make a BIG scene, or make too much money...

it's only then the state will get involved with fraudulent tactics.

4LeafClover, no amount of education will help you're lack of intelligence.


LMAO... "your"


Blocked # calls me every couple of months telling me that there is an outstanding invoice for advertising with there company and how would i be able to pay today bank wire or credit card.I laughed at them cursed they guy out and told him usually if you owe money for that long its forwarded to a creditor so i asked the guy who was the collection agency handling this bill on behalf of there company he said no one they are collecting the debt .

He was insisting that i give me him my credit card number. I asked for his tax i d number to verify the existence of their company then he hung up on me.

Alot of scammers these days watch out people .Some people in this country dont make an honest day living

instead the leech on innocent people robbing them .

Buffalo, New York, United States #896423

Yes, be careful out there and dont ever give out any personal or financial information.


I received a letter stating that I was awarded a 2-round trip airline tickets worth $1,375.00.The letter has my maiden name on it, which I had changed nearly 14 years ago, so that was my first red flag.

Then, the letter gives you a deadline date of October 16, 2014.

It reads:

Dear Michelle,

I am pleased to inform you that you have qualified for an award of 2-round trip airline tickets. Congratulations! These tickets are valid for travel anywhere in the continental U.S.

from any major international airport. The retail value of this award is up to $1,375.00. Certain restrictions apply.

We have attempted contacting you several times (no they haven't 2nd red flag) without success.

This is our final attempt. If we do not hear from you soon, we may need to issue the ticket vouchers to the alternate.

Please call me today at 1-877-741-8514. Regards, Angela Berry Customer Realations Manager The US Airlines logo at the top of the letter wasn't even in color, its obvious it was a mass copy.

Total scam, DO NOT fall for this and continue to report these idiots.

New York, New York, United States #884727

What a bunch of losers these people are.I received offer today 10-14-14 from Joanne foster.

$1375 "valid for travel anywhere in the continental US from any major international airport".

All the usual telltale scam signs: final offer, we've contacted you several time, etc.since I'm not calling they can feel free to "issue the ticket vouchers to the alternate".


LOL US AIRLINES !!!Really ?!?!?!

I received my scam check/voucher today. Can't hardly wait to give my account number to Joanne Fosta. I guess Kourtney had to change her name. LOL.

Don't be a fool.... stay in school..... being able to READ is important. Though common sense would alert you that NOTHING is FREE.


I'm sure they will ask for an account number to process some sort of so called tax or filing fee.Then wham!!

to Anonymous Eufaula, Alabama, United States #957094

Except food stamps. They are free!

to Nancy #967028

Not for those of us working a job to pay for them.

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