I received a letter in the mail today March 28th 2011 with no return address only post marked Phoenix, AZ. The letter inside stated that US Airlines had been trying to notify me for some time now that I was the winner of two airline tickets worth $1400.00 and that I needed to call their toll free number to claim my prize.

It was signed by their vice president Joyceln Hall. I did some research and sure enough Joyceln Hall is a phony front name.

If its to good to be true it usually is. The outside of the envelope was handwritten and used a regular stamp.

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I got the same letter yesterday. Post marked from Phoenix, same handwritten address and US regular stamp!

The only difference is that the Vice President is Keli Jae. Note to Keli, you wasted your time, money on paper and envelope, and $.46 on a stamp, get an honest job!

Almont, Michigan, United States #607394

I got a letter for two free tickets today signed by a vice president and they said all I had to do is go to the office where I knew they were obviously going to make some kind of pitch. If you've eve been to Vegas this promotion is nothing new at all. They have them staged all over Vegas even in the casinos. Each time they are selling a time share or vacation club of sorts and they are very nice unfortunately about a quarter of what your membership costs or more is going to the give always.

In Vegas we burned up a half and got $100 cash money each some chips and a bunch of discounted shows at the best places in town. If had more time would have gone a day early and gone to a whole bunch of them! Here's how you save a lot of time: There are layers of sales soft, medium, and hard closers and they pass on notes from each presentation to the next one you meet. So you carry a letter from the IRS to you stating you owe a huge amount of money to them with interest. You can get logos and such off the IRS sight by clicking copy then paste them on the letter to make it look official. The letter takes a few moments and saves you an hour plus you get everything they are giving away.

Condos and time shares and vacation clubs give away millions doing this. Now for your closing: The first sales makes the presentation and you play along but when the cost starts coming up in the conversation you start talking about bankruptcy and "Can I still purchase if I am bankrupt?" You start to explain your folded up letter sill stuffed somewhere and they go for the 2nd or 3rd higher sales person. They are going to ask about your bankruptcy and you are going to drop the bomb a show stopper… you are in BIG trouble with the IRS and you were carrying around this well folded up letter stuffed in you pocket from the IRS! You get a quick "Thank you please give this to the counter and get your gifts". And a shuttle which took you to the vacation property picks you up and your back on the strip in half our with cash.

I wish I could say I made up this scam-the-scammer plot but I really did have a real IRS problem and a letter the first time I went on one of these sales promotions and I really did bring it up and left the others there as I skated out. On the shuttle back to the strip I met a fellow who was on his third trip for free stuff and I shared my story! This guy was flat broke on his third Vegas trip staying free with free shows, cash and meal tickets! He loves the idea and will be coming back next time with it!

We saw some great shows gambled 5 bucks and had a blast. Now this airline "scam" is NOT truly a scam unless they are stealing from you, selling your information, or giving you absolutely nothing for taking their pitch to sell you something. I have told you how to make it very brief! That IRS letter, they won't even read, or keep, is like a stink bomb in a small room and they be moving you on quickly! Anytime they ask to see a credit card and Id then they are selling something that you can charge.

The only thing you need to know is whether what they offer is worth your time. Some have said they went through this and got real tickets after paying the tax and small ticket print fee of a total of about $55 dollars out of pocket. They were happy! I am sure the man I met in Vegas on the shuttle from the time share promotion who does this all the time would jump at this one! He is broke and they can't take a dime if they tried. His credit card is the kind you pay in advance like a security deposit so the limit is like $500. My wife’s 300k IRS problem was resolved and I don’t recommend forgery so make sure your phony IRS letter is as vague as this promotion letter we all got in the mail!


I received one from VP Amy Reed and the contact # is 866-955-0879.


I got my letter about a month ago from Monica Hunt to call 866-746-4358.... For fun I called and spoke with Josh.

He told me I would need to go to the travel agency in person to pick up the tickets. I booked an appointment and went down there. They introduced themselves and told me about their services and then gave me my vouchers. I had to show my ID and a credit card for identification purposes only.

Josh told me I could cover up the numbers all they needed to see was the name so I did. All they did was glance at the name to make sure it matched my ID and then gave me the vouchers.

As soon as I got home I called and made a reservation for the tickets. Departing out of Houston to Vegas in two months. I had to pay $39.24 in Tax and $4.95 for a "processing fee".

Today I was shocked that I actually got my airline tickets via FedEx!!!!!! I called up American to verify they were legit and they confirmed!!!! I suggest to anyone who gets the letter to go down, listen to their *** for a few minutes, grab your vouchers and get out of there. You dont provided any financial info until you make your reservation.

Its a pretty sweet deal if you have the time to get down there! OMG YAY VEGASSSS!!!

to Jessica Napa, California, United States #592054

Nice post from a participant in the scam, "Jessica."

to Randy Almont, Michigan, United States #607399

They aren't stealing they are sending you through a gauntlet to push a promotion which is given them by the travel industry partners to get you booked in their hotels and spending money! There is no way that you've won something and they are very careful to say you "qualified"...

by being able to read the letter, make a phone call, and show up to hear a sales pitch! And you have a credit card but they don't need the numbers because they arn't stealing they are inticing you to purchase. The cost of your purchase includes, collectively, the cost of your award plus the resorts are paying most of the "Award"! Some people hate being sold and will call this a scam.

Some get free stuff this way all the time and are fine! They sue the real scammers and get even more.

I saw two people get free cars! One for a false advertizement and the other had the contests scammer jailed and the court awarded the grand prize, a car for pressing charges to the person who stood up.


Got one yesterday, dated 10/29/12 and signed by Jamie Cape, Vice President, at 866-673-3910. Apparently, they've also been burning up my phone line "several times with no successs". Mine's also worth $1298.


Recieved what appeared to be an "offical" notification (looked like a gov't document), not signed by anyone other than "Awards Department". Mine was received Oct 2012, so this scam is still going on.

to Robin Almont, Michigan, United States #607404

Go to Vegas sometime! They do this all over town only you can get cash on the spot in some cases and free hotels food and great shows.

This is a resort funded program and the travel company has these vouchers to get you to listen for an hour. Some people buy packages and they don't rob them they simply make enough to cover the vouchers and a profit too. If they make you jump some hoops and you get wore down you won't go through with it and they still got the chance to sell you something! Did you ever wonder how many millions and millions of product rebates Never get turned in?

Some are easy to claim some not so easy. If you do go all the way to the place to collect and you pay the federal travel tax on the tickets you'll get them. They probably not refundable, Limited on dates, and bought in bulk by some resorts they want to steer you to.

Make sure you have show stopping financial problem to reveal when you have heard enough of the pitch! IRS problem, Bankruptsy looming or something that makes them think you can't pay for any resort vacation.


I got the same letter as everyone else. Their new number is (866) 601-1241 if anyone wishes to call.


Iam inquiring about free tickets am a Kenyan citizen and appointment with the Doctor in Dec. 2012 in US.

can i get help. My email tchepkoech3@gmail.com


Got one today...they've switched it up. This one was one of those single sheet mailers with perforated tabs to open it.

Not from the VP, but from "awards department", dated 9/21/12. Postmarked OKC, received in NM.


I got one of these letters in the mail and knew it was a scam. I sent them Monopoly Money.and they were pissed. LOL


I do not understand why US Airways doesn't go after these companies for fraud, not only on potential customers, but the bad PR for their Airlines. These are being sent out by bill collectors in my opinion, for whatever sick purpose.


I am so upset by this letter. My "free" tickets are only worth $1298 and some people's are worth $1400. I feel so cheated.

How can I get my extra $102. I'd like it in cash please, small unmarked, used bills with non-consecutive serial numbers.

I'm sure that Vice President Jill Taye at 866 803-0250 will send it immediately. Perhaps she will personally deliver it so I can thank her.


It sounds surprising how many vice presidents they have :) Amazing, my letter is from Jill Taye, 2 tickets worth 1298.00


Got similar letter as others did...signed by Jacklyn Paul, Vice President. 866-384-4896 Google search came up with info that this has been going on for a couple of years!

How can this be stopped? It's so ridiculous that these scams can carry on this long!!


Just got one too from US Airliness "Fly the US Skies" 866-445-8630. Signed by Renee Cast. Check written on July 26th, I received it in the mail today (August 1st). Amount: $1,398.00.

On the check are what I assume to be the check number, routing number, and account number:





I received one today for $1400 signed by Renee Cast, also postmarked Phoenix, AZ. Clearly this is a hoax.


What a waste of paper! Got one in the mail today signed by a Lois Adams, but the envelope had a return address for a Ryan & Abby Benson in Orlando, FL.

Oh, and I'm going to fall for a US Airlines which doesn't exist and the letter head has no logo nor business address. I wonder if Marriott and Hilton appreciate their being listed as providing a bonus gift!

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