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I was mistaken about when my flight left, it was actually a day later then I thought. I had already taken a $60 cab to the airport and didn't want to take another back home.

So I asked the agent if and when I could get onto another earlier flight. The agent said "no problem, there will not be a free, we will get you on standby, just be the first person at the agent table at 4:30AM when they open" so I didn't sleep at all, waited since 1pm the day before. 4:30 am rolls around and I am the first person in line. The agent tells me there is some ridiculous expensive fee, and that I wont be able to get on until almost right before my original flight.

All of this was told to me with no compassion or remorse. The night before I even called the customer service hot line to confirm what the first agent told me, and they said...its up to them, if that's what they told you then we confirm it. All in all, I had to pay almost

$200 more, wasted about 1 full day and none of them were even apologetic about it.

This is by far the WORST EXPERIANCE I have ever had traveling.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Location: San Francisco, California

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Why should they appologize when you arrived on the wrong day? It was your fault you had to sit around for a whole day without sleep.

Last minute change fees are very common, and I have no idea why the person who told you it would be free didn't rebook you herself, and let me guess..you didn't get her name either.

She made a mistake by telling you that (if she even did-she probably said they "might" change it for free) and now you yell *** about another employee following the rules! :roll Educate yourself on the rules about change fees, ect before *** about getting exactly what you deserved for you own mistake!


This person is a childish adult. They won't admit to being wrong.

They won't apologize for being wrong. They however want others to apologize for their mistakes. They are still a childish adult 9 years later.

No hope for them. They are raised this way by bad parents.


Take responsibility for the fact that you arrived a day early for the flight. It is well known that there is a charge for changing flights and they are waived by the airline for severe weather issues.

They are not responsibly for your stupidity.


Your wrong

@Suzi H Nkv

She is not

@Suzi H Nkv

This little girl gave you a thumbs down because you hurt her feelings. She also gave herself a thumbs up.

Both actions are pathetic. Only a desperate losers gives their own comments a thumbs up to make themselves feel better. They should keep in mind that no one supports them. The thumbs up is a fake.

Everyone knows that they are the only one who supports themselves. This us lame, pathetic and childish.

@Kevin Richards

I gave a thumbs down because I hate my family.

@Suzi H Nkv

How are they wrong foolish child. Everyone is responsible to make sure that they get on the right flight. Get your parents to read your ticket information if you are too thick ti figure out on your own.


That will never happen. Nine years later she still thinks that she is in the right.

It has to do with bad parenting. Her parents have not raised her proper. She still is a 2 year old stuck in an adult body.

Will be a childish adult her whole life. Real immature.

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