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I was mistaken about when my flight left, it was actually a day later then I thought. I had already taken a $60 cab to the airport and didn't want to take another back home.

So I asked the agent if and when I could get onto another earlier flight. The agent said "no problem, there will not be a free, we will get you on standby, just be the first person at the agent table at 4:30AM when they open" so I didn't sleep at all, waited since 1pm the day before. 4:30 am rolls around and I am the first person in line. The agent tells me there is some ridiculous expensive fee, and that I wont be able to get on until almost right before my original flight.

All of this was told to me with no compassion or remorse. The night before I even called the customer service hot line to confirm what the first agent told me, and they said...its up to them, if that's what they told you then we confirm it. All in all, I had to pay almost

$200 more, wasted about 1 full day and none of them were even apologetic about it.

This is by far the WORST EXPERIANCE I have ever had traveling.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Location: San Francisco, California

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Oh behalf of US Airways I would like to apologize to you. I would like to apologize for your being illiterate and not being able to read simple English which clearly states the date and time of your flight.

In the future we will hire a first or second grade to help you understand and comprehended what is written on your ticket so that you do not make this mistake again.

Clearly you cannot read, and I apologize for the fact that you cannot read an understand something that even a child of six or seven can understand. Take care.


You are not entitled to compassion or remorse for your mistakes. No one owes you an apology. You made the mistake not them.


Not everyone lives in the Us genius. How do you know they are up in the middle of the night.

You do not even know when they posted.

More lies. You were not hacked


Your parents need to see what you are up to and take physical discipline measures on you Suzi.


No one hacked your account liar.


The only one that needs to grow up is the OP. She stills wants others to apologize for her mistakes rather than admit to them.


It was worth it to spend 8 years in jail for beating the 3 y o boy.


I also have given myself a bloody nose and blue and black eye and said my ex boyfriend did it.


This is not the first time that i said that someone touched me. I lied about a teacher as well. I hated him


I lied about my dad touching me because he encouraged my grandmother to press charges


I am not mentally ill. I was sane when i hurt the 3 y o


He did not *** anything liar


Please leave my parents out of this. I have not spoken to either of them for 22 years.

I got into an argument with my grandma and sent her to the hospital. My parents encouraged her to press charges. They did. I spent less than a year in jail.

I was also arrested because I beat up a three year old. He needed surgery and had a fracture skull. He still has injuries from this. LOTFLMFAO.

I was in jail shortly after I posted this experience. I spent 8 years in jail fir hurt the kid. That us why it took 10 years to reply. As for my dad touching me.

I lied about that. I only said that because he encouraged my grandmother to press charges against me . They later dropped yhefather when they found out that i lied because he helped my grandmother press charge. I hate my whole family.

I have a criminal record thanks to them. I wished that i had killed that 3 year old.

But the fact that at almost 13 he still walks with a limp because i hurt him is good enough. I am not allowed near children.

@Suzi B Ycv


@Suzi B Ycv

The boy is recovering. Too bad.

I wish I had paralized him. I am still upset about this experiance.

@Suzy B Nkv

Get a life… this is all you have to do in life? Mental illness isn’t a joke.. get the help you need.


I was completely sane when I beat the 3 year old.


Sickening that you made fun of mental illness. Only your parents are to blame for the way they raised you.


Making fun of mental health. Just pathetic. Can only blame your parents for the way they raised you.


Why make fun of mental health. They cannot help how they are born. Rude.

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