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maybe you will believe this after all. Our flight to Portland Maine, was cancelled, so they put us on a flight to Boston.

Took the bus from Boston to Portland, ME. We paid for it, cost $54, so I asked for it back. Makes sense, no ? I am going to copy/paste what I was told...

"... however, our records show that you accepted re-accommodations to Boston which means that reimbursement for your bus fare is not due."

You get that..

since I accepted the only other flight available to get me as close as possible to Portland...I essentially made a new reservation and the bus is on me. I am surprised they didn't charge me a change of flight fee.

Monetary Loss: $54.

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No airline will cover ground transportation if you accept a flight to a different airport.Airlines are the same basically in this aspect if flights or cancelled you can get on the next available flight with open seats or you can get a refund or you can fly to a different airport and airlines will waive fees and any difference in price.From there you are responsible for ground transportation.they should have let you know.Did they offer you the next flight?

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