I received the same letter by mail. Called the number and they tried to get me to come down to listen to some sales pitch. She wouldn't hang up, so I did.

Typcal hook - use a company name very similar to a legitimate one. US Air should sue US Airlines for intending to deceive.

The real name of the company is Go Discount Travel.com. A small time scam network....they require you and your spouse to attend a presentation. Very similar to time-share pressure sales back in the 1980's. They lock you up in a room and practically block you from leaving....

Don't bother.

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Mine was for american airlines. i sat through the presentation.

the sales manager developed a major attitude when i asked for company credentials other than his word. then said i could leave.

the vouchers for airline are free- they charge a $50.00 per ticket per leg fee. total scam.


Received the same letter for the second time now. Ignored the first but decided to research the second knowing it was suspicious.

Certainly hope that everyone who receives these letters realizes they are a SCAM. If it's too good to be true, then it's probably not!


Just received letter in the mail... SMH!

Thank you so much for the heads up. On the phone with them & researching them found this sight! Talking to Jennifer A rep from godiscounttravel.com she became very nervous as I was on the web.

Total scam artist!!! Thanks again!!




did anyone get round trip tickets for listing to the scam. I got an hour to screw with them.


thank you -just received the letter - being an owner of a travel agency - I know a scam when i see one- just feel sorry for the people that fall for this.

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