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I was suppose to fly to portland for a business convention on 11-4-2011. I got to the PGV airport at 6:06am and no one was there to let me on the plane.

A TSA agent came back out at 6:14am and I told her I was here on time. She said "you were suppose to be here a half hour before departure. I told her "I was, you weren't," and she ignored me and walked away. I spent $580 on that ticket and lost a good business oppurtunity.

They hadn't even loaded the luggage yet. I went back to the airport on Monday, 11-7-2011 and video recorded them letting people on that flight after the half hour stringent, non-flexible schedule. These employees suck. No customer care/service all they want to do is close up as early as possible so they can go watch TV in the back room.

US airways said my ticket was non-refundable. I guess the judge will have to let them know otherwise.

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Jjw, are you serious? Cancel, or delay a flight because there aren't enough passengers?

Do you have any idea how many flights one A/C flies in a day?

If they waited until one was full, that wouldn't work too well, would it? Man, some people are amazing.

They really do it just to *** you off.


US airways wasn't at the counter either, duh. how dumb are you? When I sue them for more than just the $580 i'll let you know all about it


You're not going to get a judge to hear a case for a $580 plane ticket. This doesn't seem like the US Airways fault.

If you were trying to go through security and nobody was there and you missed your flight, that is the TSA's fault. You have too much time on your hands to go back and video tape people borading a plane.


I have yet to fly us airway and be I time for once. Each time my flight is either delayed for 3 hours (at least) or canceled entirely bc there aren't enough passengers!

Our company travel department has already taken a note to avoid US Airway if possible, as we simply cannot afford any missed client meetings due to lack of competence with USAirways!

In addition, it would be a gross understatement to say their ground crew services are horrible! All this makes you wonder how they manage to stay competitive, maybe they done hence cancelled flights due to lack of passenger!

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