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I bought two tickets from Fayetteville to NY but I made a Mistake and I had to change it to Miami, Fl. I knew, according with the web page that I had to pay a fee (200 per ticket) because of the change but I did the math and I understood that changing the ticket was the best option and when I made the check out it was clear the total amount considering the difference between the old and the new tickets plus the fee.

What I didn't know (because there is no information in the web page about that) that I had to pay the old tickets also (not only the difference as appear in the check out).

If I would have known about this, with a simple math exercise that I made I would have realized that this option was the most expensive and I would have preferred to buy two new tickets, but again the information in the web page and the confirmation step of the transaction doesn't say anything about this and what anybody could understand is that there is no payment for the old tickets just for the difference. By the way, the tickets were non refundable, but I was not returning the tickets I was changing the flight.

After three complains by email with the company I have no answer.

I feel cheated by this company because the information they give is not clear and it doesn't make any sense. Very sad and no one can help me to recover my money

Monetary Loss: $258.

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The $460 is correct. When you change a flight you pay the difference in the fare between the old and new ($60.00) plus the $400.00 change fee.

The $60 is because the new flight you picked is more expensive than the one you had originally. Because you paid for the original flight ($257.60), you get a credit against the higher cost of the new flight ($317.60) Thus, altogether you paid $317.60 for the new flight (the original $257.60 payment plus the $80.00 difference).

Separate and aside from this, you paid $400 to change your two tickets. That is what happens when you buy a non-refundable ticket.

Such tickets, because they are cheap, have restrictions on them such as no flight changes without a fee. Thus your flight will cost you $717.60 with the change fee, which is correct.

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