Urgent official document received in mail - marked "personal and confidential" - stated we won two free tickets on US Airlines with value of $1400.00 and this was Final Notification.Incorrect use of english language in document itself i.e.

" We have been asked with notifying you of this award" instead of "We have been asked to notify you of this award." Another example, "it will be transferred to the alternate." Wonder who is the "alternate"? Must respond immediately or forfeit price. Recorded on record as of 3/10/11.

Signed "awards department" call 1-866-348-0834.Postmarked Oklahoma City, OK.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Forgot to tell you my check was for $1,450 and the call number is 1-855-791-2287.So think about this, who in their right mind would randomly send you that kind of money for nothing?

If you can't think of anyone well off enough to send total strangers that kind of money than it is a SCAM.

No matter how much you want it to be true, it is a SCAM don't waste your time.The person who said she actually got it more than likely works for them.


I have gotten these in the mail a few times, must be my alternative could not go.Another came in the mail so I called today and scheduled my appointment - not.

When they sent me the email I copy and pasted the scam alert with a photo of the award with "check" attached and sent it back to them. Hope they get the message, they have been calling my house trying to give away a cruise.

I hate people trying to sell me stuff in my own house minding my own business.If I want to buy something I will go out and buy it or order it.


I'm disappointed. I didn't get a check, and the retail value on mine is only $1,299.00 and "certain restrictions apply."

Has anyone noticed that all the vice presidents of this sham company are female?

Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States #726166

It says right on the back of the check that "This is not a check".

Middleburg Heights, Ohio, United States #714490

Received my letter/check today 9/9/13 in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. Looks like a check. "Final Notice" 1-866-317-8358. Mine says must be redeemed by 9/13/13.

Travel Union

Scottsdale, AZ 85281

Signed by Janice Fisher

Don't feel like listening to any sales pitches and just wanted to post my check info for others. :p

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #707944

Received one also for 1,229.00. Complete scam...immediately trashed!

Southfield, Michigan, United States #707140

Just received one in the USMAIL.

"Only $1,229.00

However "Too Good to be true".

Save time and toss it in the Garbage before you get burned.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #678049

"Final Notice" with no return address .Award check ($1,198)has Travel Union, Scottsdale AZ as the issuer.

I've seen this before, there is no US Airlines only US AirWAYS. Not really signed by Juliann Rogers. 1-866-247-9193. "Limited time" etc etc, like most of the other loggers, the language is correct now though.

When I called I was on hold for a long time, and then told that bot my wife & I need to attend an "Introduction" to a "new" travel agency about 30 miles away within the next 2 weeks.

Said we couldn't make it, so was told to call back in two weeks to see what times were avialable.Skeptical but will follow up at that time.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #613707

Hi all, glad I ckd the net first on this.Looks like this scam making it's way to East coast now.

Though I seem to recall my parents getting one of these before and cking the net then, prob over year ago....?

So unfortunate we have so many scams going on out there that I forgot about it!Thanks good folks for keeping watch and reporting :)

Arlington, Virginia, United States #592061

Jessica, you're full of ***.

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