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Another SCAM on free US Airlines tickets that I am sure are the same people doing it in other states. $ $1,400.00 of free tickets and a please call 866-473-7752.

Why have no warnings or agencies looking into this? I have had personal experienced with identity theft, computer hacking, and no one doing anything about it. One of them in 2006 was a false foreclosure notice I tried to prove regarding my mortgage from GMAC! Now in 2012 they are saying there were false or mistaken documents were filed and after it cost me over $8,000.00 to keep my house from being illegally taken.

Where are our paid officials that are supposed to investigate these things? and what are they doing about it?

We know they also do not bother investigating and charging the corrupt bankers and politicians, because they are the ones signing there checks. It is time WE THE PEOPLE demand change.

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