On Jan. 8th, I placed a 3 sets of ticket purchases for an upcoming vacation.

4 Tickets from PWM to CUN for April 15 - 21 for $2,769.60

1 Ticket from BGR to CUN for April 17 - 21 for $662.90

2 Tickets from PWM to CUN for April 17 - 21 for $1387.80

Now one would believe based on seeing the funds leave their checking account with the following annotation Pre auth US LOC: WEB CA the purchase was done at the previously stated ammounts. Good to go.

Not quite... On the 10 of Jan. I logged into my checking account to find that I was overdrawn in my account to the tune of $-2652.22. How can this be I thing to myself. I begin to search into it further and find the following 7 transaction processed against my checking account:

D/C Settlement USAIRWAYS 037 LOC: 800-428-4322 AZ $692.40

D/C Settlement USAIRWAYS 037 LOC: 800-428-4322 AZ $692.40

D/C Settlement USAIRWAYS 037 LOC: 800-428-4322 AZ $692.40

D/C Settlement USAIRWAYS 037 LOC: 800-428-4322 AZ $692.40

D/C Settlement USAIRWAYS 037 LOC: 800-428-4322 AZ $692.90

D/C Settlement USAIRWAYS 037 LOC: 800-428-4322 AZ $693.90

D/C Settlement USAIRWAYS 037 LOC: 800-428-4322 AZ $693.90

With the original three transaction still in existence against my checking account. How can this be legal/ethical as US Airways has at this time truly double billed my for my original tickets. Now, I don't know about you but I personally do not have the funds to be floating any Bank or Airline a $4820.30 loan for ten seconds never mind 3 - 4 days. What are my rights here, as this is costing me money every second that this goes on, not to mention my reputation with my Bank and other potential suppliers that I purchased things with.


Monetary Loss: $4820.

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It is merely a failure to understand debit card use. When a debit card is used in a non-pin number situation, the merchant can obtain a "preauthorization" for the amount of purchase.

That amount is not sent to the merchant, remains in the bank, but is withdrawn as being available for you to use. This is to make sure that when the merchant submits the non-pin number amount they will be paid. That is why the transactions on January 8th all say "pre-auth" for preauthorization.

When the merchant submits the final bill and the bank records it (January 10th), the bank pays the merchant the "settlement." At this point, there is both a preauthorization and a settlement coming out of your account.

The bank's computer match them up and the preauthorization should fall off and that money be returned to your account. (Pin number transactions are settled and paid immediately)

This is very likely to occur with on-line travel agencies where your "purchase" of a ticket, is really only authorization for them to go to the airline and buy your ticket. Of course, they are going to pin down that money in your account before they buy the ticket for you. Once bought, then they are going to send in a settlement amount to the bank as to how much you owe.

While there is some coordination at the bank between the preauthorization and the settlement amounts, often the preauthorization will linger for a day or so. JrOrlando


Did someone get click happy on the website? It's never user error......

Eaton, Ohio, United States #948036

Same thing happened to me. I am waiting for the funds to be put back in my account.

My bank said this takes 2 or 3 days. Seems to me this is a little glitch a US Airways should fix rather than passing off its customers.

And forget trying to contact them, I found it impossible. I went through my bank.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada #592355

Surely you're bank is able to flag the overcharges as unauthorized and eturn the funds to you.

I highly doubt this is common practice at US Airways. Airlines fall under tremendous scrutiny.

I am NOT associated in any way with them. I did however work 25 years for an airline. *** happens. Give them a call, they will resolve it, I'm sure, if you bank doesn't resolve it first.

Good Luck. 8)

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #591993

I don't suppose you ever thought of contacting US Airways before posting this complaint??

to nikalseyn #984699

Same thing happened to me and US Airways did not care, in fact they did not even take the time to look up the ticket to verify purchase. Worst Airlines, no wonder they are struggling to survive, existing off the short term loans of their fliers.

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