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Customer Service means nothing to this company. No matter the situation.

No matter the reason. You can count on them treating you like any other cow in the herd. They won't listen to reason. They won't be considerate.

They will just quote the fine print at you, satisfaction be damned. If you have a choice or any other option, choose it. There is no excuse for their behavior. One CR tried to tell me they were a for profit company which made it their duty to screw me.

Can you believe that.

Screwing the customer is actually a profitable policy to US Air. They just don't get it.

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You are absolutely correct that if you are treated poorly then you need to use another carrier. Unfortunately, in this business today it is all that will help. Too often customers get mad, vent and then they next time they look for a ticket they still chose the carrier that offended them because it was cheaper!

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