Troy, New Hampshire

So I accidentally booked my return flight home on the wrong day( June 25 instead of June 26)..and theoretically missed the flight. I go to check in -and the website tells me to call.

I call, they tell me $150 to change and 650 on incremental fare- this was originally an $1800 fare.

So I book southwest for a $150 total while I am listening to a us air manager tell me that he has to charge me the highest fare possible - good luck to this airline, my family will never ever be on it again. Rude, condescending and a total ripoff.

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I'm sorry for your loss. It's too bad they behaved so badly.

Most airlines today act like robots w/o compassion. The agents look at you like your a computer number with dollar signs. They've seen everything and heard everything that's why they are so desensitized toward people. It's a shame.

Take whatever compensation you can from them and buy your mother some flowers for her graveside or a dinner in her honor.

Like you stated, they "don't care" about you, but others do care. God Bless you.


I will never fly on a US Airways flight again, for different reasons. The company has no customer service.

They do not know what customer service means. My mother died on a Friday night and I booked the next available flight home for Saturday morning leaving at 8:30 and arriving at 12:30. The drive time from my current location to my hometown is approximately 17 hours. I was delayed a total of 10 hours for computer problems.

I wanted my money back and they refused. My flight cost $242.50. The offered me a $50 voucher and then when I refused, they offered me a $75 voucher. When I refused this they told me that they were not mandated by the government to give me any compensation.

The lady who called to tell me this was rude, but wanted to offer her condolences. Really, your condolences, you have no sympathy for my situation, neither did any of the other agents of US Airways on the day of the flight. Don't patronize me! I will never fly US Airways again.

If you choose to fly with them, it is at your own risk.

They do not care about you, nor do they care if you get to your location in a timely manner. The only care that you have paid for your ticket.


Booked your return flight on the wrong day and its everyone elses fault.

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