USAir's dividend miles program is so full of blackout dates and premium dates (which require a huge number of miles) that it's almost impossible to use them. I tried to book a ticket from Chicago O"Hare to Portland,OR, more than 3 months in advance, and I knew the flights were less than half full because I had selected seats for a purchased ticket, but the very rude "customer service" agent said there were no seats for the lowest level of dividend miles.

When I started asking about it, he basically hung up on me. This after I had to keep asking over and over what he was saying because his English was so poor.

So do not use this as your frequent flyer airline, and do not fall for their bogus "get a free round-trip if you sign up for our credit card" on-board scam.

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Sorry,I meant the official website on facebook of course to see the full story.Thanks.



we just read your article.We also made bad experience with the airline and their loyalty program dividend miles and we really do feel ripped off.Please go to the official website of the airline to read the full story.

We have lost a lot of money and had no chance to get it back until now.Thank you.


I just realized that they stole my miles I made on my trip to Europe. Some very angry woman with very bad accent told me that my miles are not accepted because I had "cheap ticket".

In fact I had a seat which on United for an example would be considered Economy Plus. I bought my tickets on Expedia and they did not have more expensive economy class tickets at all. Swiss Air Airbus 333 flight from ORD to Zurich had first, business and economy class only so the explanation they gave me is pure BS. Even more funny is they gave me miles from GRR to ORD flying in some really small plane.

I guess I had "an expensive ticket"...

Long story short, avoid US Airways dividend mile scam by avoiding flying with them. Anyway, their tickets are always more expensive...

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