I made the mistake of booking a US Airways flight through Expedia.com and unfortunately found out that even purchasing the non-refundable insurance, when my infant got sick and i had to cancel my flight, it would be nearly impossible to rebook my trip to two new destinations. I have to book through Expedia in order to get a refund on my change fee and i also have to make sure that the flight i pick is on US Airways only (no connecting airlines).

I spoke with US Airways and asked if they would make an exception since my infant was ruled unfit to travel to a country that had an outbreak of Malaria and all i was told is that if nobody died, then there was no way i could get an exception. I then asked if i could book two flights for a lesser price and i was told that the balance of my trip would be forfeited.

I guess flying Southwest airlines, where the money i spend is my money until i fly has spoiled me. US Airways is one of the worst airlines i have flown, and i will make sure that i do not fly this airline ever again.

Monetary Loss: $2078.

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