As a senior executive who has been loyal to USairways and the dividend miles program for almost 2 decades, I am thoroughly disgusted with the shameful level of customer service provided by the dividend miles customer service. This is the first time I have ever submitted negative feedback for any company, individual, or organization and am generally very complimentary while expecting a quality level of service. My strong recommendation to everyone reading this is to discontinue their USairways dividend miles program and build their loyalty with one of the many other travel loyalty programs available to them.

I'll be brief and will not bore you with details because I am extremely busy and so are you. After almost 2 decades of loyalty to USairways and building up hundreds of thousands of miles, I have had to spend over 1 hour on the phone with 3 different customer service reps and managers only to be told by someone claiming to be a manager that "You do not understand the policies because you choose to not understand them", and that "the fact that you have been a loyal customer for a very long time has no bearing on what service we can provide to you and what service options you have". I shockingly did not have my simple request honored.

Having spent 20+ years in large scale customer service organizations with millions of customers, I understand deeply that the kind of attitude described here is exactly what will make a company fail, or is a symptom of a company about to fail. The lack of investment in quality customer service, combined with the airline needing to increase revenue by incorporating fees such as for borrowing a blanket during a flight, means USairways is rapidly on its way to non-existence. Whether you are a USairways customer or an investor, it would be wise to cut your ties with USairways as soon as possible. You ca not say you have not been warned!

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