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My husband and I had first class tickets from Philadelphia to Cancun. As part of our ticketing, we were entitled to use the first class lounge prior to our flight. Mistakenly, we went to the envoy lounge. The hostess was bordering on rude, refusing to admit us. She did not tell us that there was a first class lounge to which we could be admitted. Therefore we didn't have use of any lounge prior to our flight.

I emailed customer service requesting admittance to the first class lounge on a future US Air flight. When the response was "no", I emailed someone at the executive level. My email was bounced back to customer service, who again contacted me and said it would not be possible to allow us access to the first class lounge on a future flight.

This doesn't seem like a huge request, but it does indicate that US Air does not value customers. We have many choices of airlines and airports, so we will put our loyalty elsewhere.

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I understand that there is a difference between envoy and first class. We are one of "the little people" and do not often fly first class.

Therefore, we were not aware of the location of the lounges. I was not trying to access the envoy lounge, just gaining entrance to the lounge to which we were entitled. And no, I was not rude since that isn't who I am.

I just want to clarify the situation for you. I only asked the airline for that which I was denied.


I guess rules are for "the little people" and not you! There IS a difference between the Envoy and First Class lounges.

All you had to do was read what you were entitled to. I suspect you were bordering on rude when you demanded to be admitted to someplace you were not entitled to be.

Don't blame US Airways. Blame yourself for not paying attention.

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