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I arrived at the airport 80 minutes before my flight. When I got to the gate 45 minutes before the flight, I notified the airway staff that I didn't have a seat assignment.

They rudely told me that the flight was overbooked and they would help me when they could, and then proceeded to ignore me and 5 other people waiting for seat assignments and to board half the flight before they started asking for volunteers to give up their seats in exchange for compensation. I informed them that I had a connecting flight, an 18 month old at home heartsick without his mama, and a critical work meeting the next day and that I would pay anything to not be bumped from the flight and to please make more announcements looking for volunteers. They rudely told me they were doing their jobs and just to wait. I was denied boarding for the flight and then they took another hour to find me another option that required an overnight in another city.

They provided no food and I spent over an hour waiting for a manager to come sign the compensation check, which did not come close to making me feel compenated for the miserable experience but was more than twice the meager $500 they had been offering volunteers for the flight.

I had to run to catch the next flight, hungry and heartsick and furious that they treat paying customers this way. I will never fly this airline again.

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You do know that all airlines overbook their flights, right. So if you are switching airlines to avoid the overbooking problem. I am afraid you're going to be disappointed.

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