Paulsboro, New Jersey
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Had four recent us airways flights all four had bacterial growth in toilets,absolutley filthy ,attendants told me it had been ther for four years. I forwarded photos to presidents office, they told me it was acceptable, attendants told me the rest of planes were held together with tape and paper clips.

Is this acceptable.

Shame on us airways for allowing these conditions, the presidents office was absolutely useless. Boycott us air.we don't need to continue to give business to companies that don't really care about us or our safety.the photos would sicken you the growth was absolutely disgusting.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #872704

I bought tickets to Hawaii 3 months in advance. Today the price is $70.00 less for the exact same flight.

When I called the woman laughed and said 'you're not getting the money back". Total corporate anti consumer behavior.

I fly them frequently but no more. They ONLY care about profit, hawking high interest credit cards in board and screwing customers


usairways fleet is the second youngest fleet just under Continental. The flight attendants you are speaking with are probably pulling a union thing, because they support the pilots beef about their senority issues


Are you fucken sure its US airways, You must be riding indian air?. Its the wrong plane.

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